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Liver bears sticker
lightcoloured liver bear
Jenna with light bear

Introducing Oliver and Olivia- our very own Liver bear.

These beautifully made bears have been designed specially, by the Conci family, for Liver Transplant children. Every little bear is comes with their very own liver transplant scar. 

The bears are made with both natural coloured cotton, have buttons in arms and legs, and can be moved to sit or stand as a keepsake. A small reminder of what a superhero the recipient is.  Being only around 24cm tall and 13cm wide this beautiful bear is small enough to fit anywhere.

The bear is currently being funded and donated by the Conci family to every child who has a liver transplant at Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne.  With a dream to find permanent funding, the aim is to have the bear go to every child throughout Australia and New Zealand, and eventually anywhere in the world for children that go through a liver transplant.

A small bear for small children fighting big battles.

If you wish to donate to this wonderful project, please get in touch with us. Thank you

Meet Oliver and Olivia

The Liver Bears

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