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About Rebecca


I believe in everyday moments, and believe that these are the most important moments that should be captured.  I now have three beautiful girls and have been presented with a challenge harder than anything I have been faced with before.  Two of my three girls have a life-threatening disease that has seen us spend a lot of time in The Royal Children's Hospital, and raises many questions and challenges for both myself, my husband, and their little sister.  After nearly losing both children to an unknown foe, I started creating visual fine art pieces that I found extremely therapeutic, and allowed me to tell a story without a lot of the harsh realities.  I started "Through My Eye's", and have been photographing my family's and other families' journey's ever since.  

In 2019 I started creating a new genre- children's fine art portraiture.  This allows me to work around my complex children and still create and give back to other families.  Pursuing a dream where I can make ill children feel special for a day, and capture them the way their parents see them.  This gives the parents a piece of art for their walls, and a memory they will keep forever.. Whatever the future may bring...

About The Blog

As a songwriter who writes to record heartache or pain, joy or sorrow, I too use my skills as a photographer to tell a journey not heard before.  When I knew my girls had gone from being unwell, to seriously ill I started capturing more about what our life looks like. When I create images I don’t do it for sympathy, or for likes on social media.  My goal is to share and tell our story, and honor myself and my children as much as I know-how. Spending many years living in and out of the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, watching as my children were dealt blow after blow I have photographed their wins, and their challenges.  My award-winning photography now covers anything from photojournalistic images in hospitals, fine art composites, in-studio portraits, and traveling the open road of Australia. I have also created a photo book that was awarded five awards in the Australian Professional Photography Awards.  They tell a story of a different kind. One of love and hope, but images that are sometimes challenged with pain and heartache.


As I write and share some of our life and story I offer advice on how to manage medication.  How we travel with sick kids, how we organise appointments, scripts, supplies, and how to determine what is really important to you.  I will offer support with how to let go of what if’s, and learning how to change expectations. I share how we enjoy life to the fullest, and how sometimes the smallest moments are by far the most important.  I share how I mother and do my best to raise three beautiful strong little women in the face of diversity, exclusion, judgment, lack of understanding, pain, post-traumatic stress, the delivery of heartbreaking news, and how to deliver this to a child.  How to find therapy for yourself in whatever form it looks like, and most importantly, how to find contentment in the new version of what your family might look like.


Creating a digital footprint for my children is not something I take lightly.  Through my images, exhibitions and public speaking appointments, I hope to make a difference.  To offer comfort or inspiration to families of sick children, or to help professionals in the health industries understand what it is like living.  With images and a post every fortnight, a newsletter once a quarter, I will share what life is like raising children with a debilitating disease, as well as their sibling.  Through my eyes.




2021 FIVE awards for Portrait division International Portrait Masters

2020 SEVENTEEN awards for Portrait division International Portrait Masters

2019 Two Awards for Victorian Professional Photography Awards, Portrait Category

2019 Victorian Professional Photography Award for Landscape category

2019 Four awards International Portrait Masters Awards- one silver, three bronze


2017 Double Award Winner Australia, Australian Institute of Professional Photography

for Portrait and Photo Book

2017 Triple Award winner Vic, Australian Institute of Professional Photography for Illustrative and Documentary 

Young Achiever of the Year for The Photographic Industry

Australian Institute of Professional Photography Awards for Portraiture

Australian Institute of Professional Photography Awards for Wedding Industry


Murdoch Children's Research Institute


Sanofi Australia

Loulaki Blue


Syndromes Without a Name

Genetic Support Network Victoria

Masterchef Australia

Pepper's Retreats








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